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The driving force behind the thirst for knowledge is to find oneself in a position in which the knowledge acquired could be put to beneficial use. Academic tuition becomes relevant because it equips the student with the skill set needed to contribute one’s share in the entire development agenda of a group of people. The necessity of ensuring that one is adequately equipped for the task ahead becomes more prominent as the days go by, as there appears to be an increase in the demand for “out – of – the – box” thinking; that kind of thinking that escapes the confines of predetermined boundaries and initiates creative measures to curtail some challenges in the modern world.

The 21st century student is therefore tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that experience gained from years of study are relevant to the environment as well as the challenge in question. The environment in this sense refers to the immediate setting that requires the utilization of innate abilities partly from naturally – occurring talents and gifting, and partly from all that has been absorbed in the duration of study. How relevant are the curricula of educational institutions in Africa to the African scenario? Years of absorption of knowledge and ideas with foreign origins and with little bearing on the location in question continue to duel with realistic efforts at curbing obstacles that mitigate any attempts at ensuring an increase in progress.

The situation is further compounded by the apparent the influx of knowledge with foreign roots which is on daily basis, served to Africa, as if to eliminate all possible formats that do not eventually help, and then as a last resort, settling on a fitting one. At the end of the day, the student, certainly half – baked as a result of the effects of the component parts of the syllable of study is unable to adequately add to overall progress.

Another minus is the imbalance between theory and practice. A total overhaul of a nation’s educational strategy paves way for innovative methods to be applied. Materials of study at various points in time become the sole determinant in the modus operandi to transmit information to the intended recipient and this does not augur well for a determined approach to education. The student, who is then expected to become a channel of renaissance, is expected to devise a mechanism that may add to what has been absorbed in an institution of learning. Taking into consideration the candid truth that you may only be guided by the tutors and nothing more, as a result of the fact that it is only an established system of procedures that routinely performs its duties; you are expected to groom yourself to fit into the dynamic nature of the world.

The internet provides a vast volume of resources that could assist in teaching and learning and the utilization of this avenue. The exceptional student is therefore that student who realizes the import of the trend that a current methodology brings to light and accordingly adjusts himself to suit the direction of modern ways of doing things. The product of such a new way of doing things is then sufficiently prepared to add profitably to productive decisions. It may be a long, hard road, but the urgency to take the first step sets the tone for greater things to come.


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